Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Facebook and me...

I have decided that I need to do a bit of blogging again.   Even if it is only for me to let out some issues that I have.   As far as social media is going I have a Facebook profile, but in all truth I miss the days of blogging.  

Facebook is way to commercial and the one liners and people who want to confess that they are religious is working on my nerves.   It is a constant barrage of images with the weirdest and most wonderful miracles and the author asks everybody to leave a comment. Type Amen if you agree!

I am sorry but your thinking of what religion is and what my understanding of religion is not going to get along.   So I have started to click that unfollow button in order not to see your weird concept of religion on social media.     

I am also following a couple of groups but mostly they are useless in gathering the information that I require or ask for.   The forums are also a better platform.  Questions get answered and every now and again I can hopefully leave an intelligent comment between the clever people.  And the clever people will always give advise and be truthfully honest on the mistakes you make.

One of the ATM forums got me through the following build.

It took nearly 6 months to complete apart from the mirror.  8inch Dobsonian in carnival colours.  It works like a charm and was constructed for as cheap as possible.  Apart from the Spotting scope and eyepieces it all from 2nd hand and free material.  The tube, thanks to the municipality for putting in new nice 250mm pvc pipes and the mirror is from melted coke bottles.

This would not have been possible with crappy Facebook.

Thursday, 04 September 2014

The interview

So, was I nervous?

You bet I was.  I have not been for an interview in a very long time.  I did not know what to expect, I have been on the table at the other end barking questions to possible candidates and trying to determine if the person is up for the job.

Now I am sitting on the other end trying to sell myself in the first couple of minutes.

What a weird feeling to sit on the other end.  As I have noted before, it has been 8 years that I had to sit and go through the grueling test of being able to think on your feet as soon as possible.  What a fucking challenge. 

It is not nice being the candidate!

But in all,  the interview went of like a charm and I will be invited for a second one!

Now to wait for the outcome of this. 

Dammit I need a new job with new faces and other challenges!  So to my one reader!  Wish me luck!!!